Get ready for the session!

The University Center for Support and Personal Development

cordially invites all students of the Nicolaus Copernicus University

to the workshop "Get ready for the session!"

Workshop offer:

  • Free your tension! Moving and breathing relaxation workshop for students before the exams (bilingual)
  • May the force be with you! Learning strategies in preparation for exams

 Free your tension!
oving and breathing relaxation workshop for students before the exams (bilingual)

Three-hours workshop based on spontaneous movement, release technique with using deep breathing practice and contact improvisation, during which you can get familiar with methods for releasing accumulated tensions in your body, you can get info how to free your tensions and relax your muscles using simple rules, during the period of increased stress like taking exams. This workshop will also increase your body awareness and feeling you center.

Tutor: Mgr Małgorzata Błaszczak - contemporary dance and bungee flying instructor, culture animator specializing in small theater forms, creator of dance and theater projects, participant of many body awareness courses and workshops, has experience as an instructor of movement classes by working with children, adults and seniors; working at NCU as a specialist of international partnerships and organizing multicultural integration at our university. 

We invite you in a comfortable, sports outfit. Please bring light sports shoes.

Date: 24.01.2023r, 18:00-20:00.

Place: University Sports Centre, ul. Gagarina 33, Toruń (map)

Stacjonarnie/Bilingual: Polish, English

 May the force be with you!
Learning strategies in preparation for exams

Exam success depends on many factors, and a presentation devoted to them will be discussing learning strategies that make one’s preparation more effective and autonomous, easier, faster and more enjoyable for the learner. We will discuss the principles and techniques of more effective memorizing, deeper processing of material, better  compensating for language deficits (when taking tests in a foreign language), more conscious controlling of one's own learning and effective cooperation with learners.

Tutor: Krzysztof Strzemeski, MA, an English language instructor, a teacher-educator and an experienced examiner from the Department of English and Applied Linguistics at the Institute of Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities UNC. On a daily basis, he does pre-service teacher training for foreign language teachers and has experience in working with international groups. He has always been interested in learning strategies both theoretically and practically.

Date: 26.01.2022, 16:30-18:30, online

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University Centre for Support and Personal Development