About us

University Centre for Support and Personal Development was formally established on 1 January 2021 after obtaining acknowledgment from the Rector’s Council, during the sitting of 14 December 2020, and is dedicated for students, doctoral students and our University employees. We started our operations already during the pandemic, providing free psychological and psychiatric help. 

The aim of the Center is to use the resources and possibilities of the University so that every person seeking support could find the appropriate help. We wanted to make the University a friendly place to work and study for both students and all University employees.

We would also like to invite all students studying at UMK under the ERASMUS program, students and staff who speak English. The Center was created also with you in mind. We would like to invite you to contact us when you feel difficult in a new situation, may feel insecure in a new country and are looking for someone to talk to. We hope that the offer of our Center, prepared gradually also to cater for your needs, will be an inspiration and encouragement to participate in the proposed lectures, but will also be an invitation to frequently visit our website and contact us.

Should you need support and a conversation with a counsellor and the Center, you can obtain help from psychologist. Help is available to any student, doctoral student or employee of Nicolaus Copernicus University. Apart from psychologists we also invited representatives of NCU’s Rector, to act as experts in our team. They are:  

We want the assistance offered to the University community to be comprehensive. It is worth noting that the Center's Council is already in place, representing various groups within the University community.

University Centre for Support and Personal Development